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   Who we are
The National Platform - Integrated Sustainable Waste Management - Sri Lanka is a collective effort for adopting integrated, economically feasible and environmentally sound sustainable waste management practices in Sri Lanka. It intends to integrate efforts from government institutions, private sector firms and civil society organizations.
Intergrated Sustainable Waste Management National Forum - Sri Lanka
  Our Members
We are a group of interested parties consisted of Government Agencies and Authorities, NGOs, INGOs and CBOs
   Energy Forum
Energy Forum acts as the secretariat for the National Platform. It is an NGO working as a network of private, public and civil society organisations in Sri Lanka to create an environment conducive to supporting and implementing renewable and distributed energy, energy efficiency and integrated sustainable resource management mechanisms to alleviate poverty, to address energy capacity deficiencies, and to protect the environment.
  •    Sevanatha - Urban Resource Centre
    Sevanatha works to empower urban poor communities to achieve and sustain improved quality of life. It achieves this through conducting programmes in community empowerment, skills training and solid waste management.

    Expertise Areas in Waste Management
    • Promote Community Livelihood Action Planning (CAP) trainings
    • Promoting source segregation of waste and use of compost bins to manage organic waste
    • Promote collection centres for recyclable waste as a viable option of SWM
    • Training on community based solid waste management for local authorities, NGOs and community groups
    • Implementing demonstration projects as well as city wide projects in the above areas.
    Energy Forum
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