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The National Platform - Integrated Sustainable Waste Management - Sri Lanka is a collective effort for adopting integrated, economically feasible and environmentally sound sustainable waste management practices in Sri Lanka. It intends to integrate efforts from government institutions, private sector firms and civil society organizations.
Intergrated Sustainable Waste Management National Forum - Sri Lanka
  Integrated Support for a Sustainable Urban Environment (ISSUE - 2)  
The programme is currently in its inception phase which is working to facilitate the establishment of strong district programme consortia supported by stakeholders platforms, collaborations, MOUs, and similar institutional relationships. The ISSUE-2 Programme is a waste management project which features a number of concepts: 1.District Approach - This approach focuses more or less on closing the loop, between urban and rural areas. The ISSUE-2 Programme will develop sanitation and integrated urban management plans in selected areas to encourage re-use of resources, particularly those rural resources which are often disposed of in urban areas. 2.Integration of solid waste and sanitation - Integration is about deliberately mixing waste system elements (storage – collection – transport – processing/treatment – reuse) for solid waste and sanitation. This programme will investigate the most effective options for addressing waste issues.
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