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The National Platform - Integrated Sustainable Waste Management - Sri Lanka is a collective effort for adopting integrated, economically feasible and environmentally sound sustainable waste management practices in Sri Lanka. It intends to integrate efforts from government institutions, private sector firms and civil society organizations.
Intergrated Sustainable Waste Management National Forum - Sri Lanka
  Hambantota Integrated Sustainable Waste Management Centre  
Many local authorities are not in a position to have a modern waste management system due to lack of technological knowledge. The Centre can handle any kind of waste and provides reasonable and profitable solutions to new and ongoing waste management issues. The solutions address the following: • Waste treatment technology • The management & marketing structure • Memorandum of understanding among private, public and civil society partners • Political and legal background There are many emerging financially viable technologies on conservation of energy, water, and resource recovery which minimize environmental impacts. Once the project has been fully established, the centre will provide a recycling facility, composting, hazardous waste storage, wastewater treatment and a sanitary landfill facility. Organic compost is already being produced for sale as well as processed plastic for resale to manufacturers.
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