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The National Platform - Integrated Sustainable Waste Management - Sri Lanka is a collective effort for adopting integrated, economically feasible and environmentally sound sustainable waste management practices in Sri Lanka. It intends to integrate efforts from government institutions, private sector firms and civil society organizations.
Intergrated Sustainable Waste Management National Forum - Sri Lanka
  Composting Technologies  
Composting is the process of decomposition of biodegradable organic matter which recycles organic household and yard waste and manures into an extremely useful end-product called compost which can be applied to fertilise land. Composting can be carried out either under aerobic conditions or under anaerobic conditions. Aerobic conditions require presence of oxygen and the end products are carbon dioxide, ammonia, water and heat. This method is preferable for processing large quantities of organic waste. Anaerobic decomposition takes place in the absence of oxygen and produces methane, carbon dioxide, ammonia and trace amounts of other gases and some organic acids. This method takes longer to process organic waste and can produce noxious odours. Following both processes, compost needs to go through the curing phase where ammonia is further oxidised by nutrifying bacteria to become nitrate.
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