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The National Platform - Integrated Sustainable Waste Management - Sri Lanka is a collective effort for adopting integrated, economically feasible and environmentally sound sustainable waste management practices in Sri Lanka. It intends to integrate efforts from government institutions, private sector firms and civil society organizations.
Intergrated Sustainable Waste Management National Forum - Sri Lanka
  Biogas Technologies  
Biogas plants produce gas through the action of microorganisms in anaerobic fermentation of organic matter in closed vessels. Anaerobic decomposition is a two-stage process as specific bacteria feed on certain organic materials. In the first stage, acidic bacteria dismantle the complex organic molecules into peptides, glycerol, alcohol and the simpler sugars. When these compounds have been produced in sufficient quantities, a second type of bacteria starts to convert these simpler compounds into methane. These methane producing bacteria are particularly influenced by the ambient conditions, which can slow or halt the process completely if they do not lie within a fairly narrow band. The resultant biogas is almost odourless and burns with a clean, blue flame. The main products of a Biogas plant are biogas which can be used for stoves and also in conventional vehicles (using an amount of petroleum for ignition). The other main product is slurry which can be dried and composted
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